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 20151029 boreal stream

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Wetlands 101: Introduction to Boreal Wetlands - online training

Wetlands 101: An introduction to Canada’s boreal wetlands - online introduces boreal wetland types, characteristics, functions, and values. This training will cover wetland characteristics including vegetation, soil, and hydrological indicators that can be used to identify and classify boreal wetlands according to the Canadian Wetland Classification System. This training will also address potential adverse effects of industry activities on these sensitive habitats and will introduce approaches to avoid or minimize adverse effects, increase safety and potentially reduce long-term costs. This is an entry-level course geared towards industry, government, consultants and other groups working in the boreal forest.  


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Wetlands 101: Introduction to Boreal Wetlands - classroom training for groups

Do you prefer to learn in a classroom setting? Are you looking for customized wetland training for a group? Wetlands 101: An introduction to boreal wetlands- classroom can be delivered in-person to your group. This format allows us to customize the content and lead hands-on activities and engaging discussions. 

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 Wetlands 101: Introduction to Boreal Wetlands - field training for groups

Apply lessons from online or classroom training in the field. We offer customizable Boreal Wetlands Field Training to groups. Wetlands field training is an important complement to other training formats and provides students with opportunities to apply concepts covered in Wetlands 101: an introduction to boreal wetlands in the field. Students will visit wetland field sites and will practice classifying wetlands while taking soil samples, identifying wetland plant species, and learning about wetland hydrology. 

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