Alberta Wetland Classification System Field Guide

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This guide is intended to help users identify and classify wetlands in the field.  It is based on the Alberta Wetland Classification System (Government of Alberta, 2015) and will assist users in identifying the five wetland classes as well as their forms and types, using readily observable soil, vegetation and hydrology (water) characteristics.

This guide is intended for:

  • Anyone interested in identifying and classifying wetlands in Alberta
  • People whose decisions or actions impact wetlands or their functions

This guide can be used as:

  • A quick reference field guide to assist in identifying and classifying Alberta's wetlands and in understanding their functions and values.
  • A resource for recognizing and describing soil and plant species characteristics of Alberta's wetlands
  • Support for extension activities related to community or industry knowledge exchange programs.


Friday, 25 November 2022
Upon cursory examination this looks like a well thought out and professional looking field guide. Looking forward to using it during fieldtrips.
Ed Karpuk
Wednesday, 09 February 2022
An excellent field guide, making it easier to classify wetlands and their associated plants.